Special Skills

Leadership:       IT Strategy, enterprise-wide vision, cross-functional team guidance, cost analysis, ROI strategies, enterprise initiatives, business intelligence, P&L management, strategic leadership, technology roadmap, data center management, technology guidance, client opportunities, market analysis, mentoring, staffing, team building, vendor management, forecasting, pipeline management, brand building, R&D planning, IT scaling, delivery strategies, IT Budget, security standards, IS policies, change control, infrastructure guidance, complete SDLC, Agile (Scrum, Kanban, RAD, XP), Waterfall models, automation


Development:    C#, WPF, ASP/ASP.NET, MVC, MVVM, JavaScript, JQuery, XAML, Python, AngularJS, Node.js, AJAX, DirectShow, Silverlight, VB, VB.NET, T-SQL, MSSQL, DB2, Oracle, Redbrick, MySQL, MongoDB, XHTML, CSS, Web API, JSON, XML/XSD, C, C++(Win32, WinSock), Visual C++, VBScript, Perl/PerlScript, Pascal, Java, BASIC, COM+, Web Services, REST, WCF, IBM Assembly, PICMicro Assembly, Unix Shell Scripting, ADO.NET, ADO, WSH, PowerShell, OLE, OLEDB, Reflection, LINQ, EF, NuGet, MSMQ, MQTT


Platforms:          Windows 10/8/7/XP/2k/NT/9x/3.x/2.x/1.x, Windows Server 03/08/12, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Novell Netware 2.x/3.x/4.x/5.x, OS/2, Sun Solaris 2.x/7.x, Linux (Linux Mint, Fedora, openSUSE, DSL Knoppix, Ubuntu, etc.), UNIX, AIX, MS/IBM DOS, HP-UNIX, Lantastic, DeskView


Systems:          .NET, MS SQL Server, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, DB2, Redbrick, Oracle 7/8, PostgreSQL, IIS, VSS, VSTS, TFS, SharePoint, Citrix, Subversion, TortoiseSVN, VisualSVN, Git, Perforce, VSS, CVS, DTS, SQL Profiler, Java WebServer, Tomcat, Apache, MTS/COM+, FTP, Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Delivery (CD), Quartz.NET, BugNet


Software:           VS.NET, Expression Blend, GraphEdit, VS6, Visual InterDev, Borland Turbo C++, Telerik, Infragistics, DevExpress, Jenkins, CruiseControl.NET, NAnt, MSBuild, NUnit, MbUnit, FXCop, NDoc, Reflector, ReSharper, Pervasive, dotTrace, MPLAB PIC IDE, MS Access, Visio, MS Office, AutoCAD, SketchUp, Cygwin, Dependency Walker, Process Explorer, dnGREP, MPLAB


Hardware:          EMC NAS/SAN, HP/Compaq/Gateway/NEC/Digital/Dell servers, Cubix 1010 systems, EAS collection, multiCOM, Point-of-Sale (POS), Automotive OBDx, PIC16x8x, PICSTART PLUS, Motorola 68HC11, Intel 8051/Z81, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, ESP8266, Bluetooth, 802.11, WiFi, USB, UART 


Electronics:        stepper motor control, pulse width modulation (PWM), vision control, OpenCV, hydraulics, pneumatics, drive control systems, discrete electronic components, microcontrollers, infrared (IR), sonar


Fabrication:        CAD, schematics, soldering, printed circuit boards (PCB), welding, brazing, metal foundry, sand casting, plastic injection molding, lathe, machining


  • Ground-up development/maintenance of multi-billion-dollar payment management system
  • Brainscan EEG collection using Microchip PIC
  • PBX phone system hardware API and client-server management
  • WPF Waveform display library
  • DirectShow video graph filter development utilizing C++ and COM Interop in C#
  • Microchip PIC parallel programmer
  • Automation utilizing RS232 and parallel (SPP) communication
  • Graduate school invitation to present and journal swarm robotics via Microchip PIC
  • Analog tv-computer convergence
  • Phone line distributed monitoring displays
  • Satellite signal detection
  • Console and control system
  • OBD and OBD-II diagnostic reader and display
  • Media distribution system using embedded systems


Professional Organizations & Speaking Engagements 

  • Microsoft Association of Practicing Architects (MAPA)
  • SQL PASS (Professional Association for SQL Server)
  • MaPAMDUG (Maryland and Pennsylvania Microsoft Developer’s User Group
  • CodeCamp NYC
  • BSSUG (Baltimore SQL Server User Group)


Work Experience 

2009 -             Architecture, Development (Business Intelligence & Development)

  • Ground-up development/maintenance of multi-billion-dollar payment management system
  • Build ETL processes and analytic cubes for complete business intelligence
  • Build systems providing metadata driven self-generating dashboards and highly detailed automated enhanced statistical exports
  • Built AD-integrated enterprise application shared resources management system
  • Built full-featured common infrastructure libraries providing reusable simplified interaction not limited to database, logging, reporting, import/export, communications
  • Built real-time metric system for call center, issue tracking, uptime, and project data
  • Developed enterprise-integrated full featured labor tracking system
  • Built low-level API and real-time notification system for legacy PBX phone system
  • Created enterprise-wide application/database/website health monitoring system
  • Built multi-threaded parallel distributed processing system for predictive analysis of ever-growing 45 terabyte data center
  • SSRS custom wrapper & front-end providing enhanced parameters and authorization
  • Implement and integrate software tracking, version control, CI, document systems
  • Build reusable encryption, HL7 translator, compression, file utility, TCP components
  • Custom ASP.NET, AJAX, WinForm controls for, not limited to, hierarchical drop down, currency, date/time entry, color picker, markup generator, extended check box lists, extended tooltips/info, domain specific language expressions
  • Developed credit conveyance system providing continuous million dollar allocations
  • Built scalable plugin-based dynamic assembly job scheduling management system
  • Built web-based request system for employee, provider, and facility management
  • Developed hosts file management and remote connection utility for clients
  • Develop premium and internal products for customers worldwide utilizing C#, ASP.NET, AJAX, SQL, web services, WinForms, and Windows services in MS Windows in Hyper-V, VMWare, Citrix supported Window environments
  • Team member mentoring, education, and develop training material


2007 - 2009     Software Developer

  • Built EEG brain scan data collection system and UI utilizing WPF, Silverlight, C#, and PICmicro MCU
  • DirectShow video graph filter development utilizing C++ and COM Interop in C#
  • Develop mapping and charting apps for analyte, brownfield, tunnel data in ASP.NET & MS SQL
  • Recommend development architectures and strategies.
  • Redesign existing applications to enhance scalability, flexibility, and performance
  • Rewrite Stored Procedures for optimization
  • Lead developer for E-Commerce site selling products, services, and information
  • Develop n-tier enterprise framework utilized by internal applications and websites
  • Created fulfillment system for card generation, travel risk reports, and renewal letters
  • Develop enterprise libraries for exception handling, data access, custom controls
  • Advise and mentor team developers
  • Automated build, test, and deployment processes
  • Developed extraction components for commerce data
  • Developed E-Commerce admin utilities for insurance management services
  • Major CRM database objects re-design for performance


2001 - 2007     Programmer Analyst III

  • Lead developer for commercial risk management software package
  • Develop multi-user utility to dynamically create and manage hundreds of DTS packages for multiple data sources
  • Develop data integration process and complimentary DI cycle notification system
  • Develop database synchronization tools to sync databases objects
  • Develop metadata authoring tool to create report objects, measures, and menus
  • Develop data integration utility and medical management system in C and C++ on of AIX/Solaris sourced by DB2/Redbrick/MSSQL/Oracle
  • Received multiple innovation bonuses and Gold Merit awards
  • Develop secure SQL web apps utilizing ASP/ASP.NET, VBScript, JavaScript, Perl
  • Develop COM+ apps utilizing VB for SQL, file, and resource presentation
  • Develop back-end apps supporting e-commerce and health provider data
  • Created system to monitor apps and systems activity, failure, and resources utilizing VB, ASP, VBScript, Perl, JavaScript, COM+
  • Maintain/deploy secure IIS, Java WebServer, Tomcat e-commerce and business sites
  • Support development of web based applications utilizing ASP, Perl-enabled ASP, Jscript, VBscript, SQL, OLE, ADO, ODBC, JDBC-ODBC bridge, and WebLogic
  • Installation and maintenance of multiple MS SQL servers
  • Develop department/team website utilizing HTML, ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, SQL
  • Implemented C2 & DITSCAP certified systems driven by NSA, CERT, SAN, MS, & TruSecure/NCSA/ICSA


1998 - 2001     Computer Resources Technician

  • Maintained/installed servers for local government operations
  • Set foundation for testing and migration to AD and W2k network
  • Maintained/deployed desktop systems for a 700 user-base network
  • Wrote documentation for technical peers and end-users
  • Standardized server & desktop systems
  • Maintain/install highly heterogeneous network utilizing NT, Netware, OS/2, Solaris, HP-UNIX in law enforcement environment supporting highly sensitive crucial data
  • Performed migration from Netware 3.xx to 4.xx
  • Performed initial installation of NT platforms & integrated within current network
  • Embedded development of Symbol DT3100’s using C language
  • Developed profile creation utilities across network in C++ utilizing WinSock API’s
  • Evaluated and deployed Help Desk systems supporting a 450 user-base network


1997 - 1998     Assistant Information Systems Officer

  • Data presentation and retrieval using C/C++ language and DOS batch scripts
  • Installation and maintenance of Apache Server
  • Maintenance/installation of POS systems and Oracle db systems
  • Maintained/installed Netware based network on Cubix System 1010 series servers
  • Performed migration from Netware 2.xx to 3.xx to 4.xx


1990 - 1997     PC consultations and assistance for small business and residential environments  

  • Maintained/built multi-lined BBS residing on Windows 2.x and OS/2 using C++
  • Facilitated data transfers using automated dialing and hosting services using C/C++
  • Developed proprietary software using C/C++ and DOS batch scripts
  • Consultation of computer systems for small businesses

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